2017 Canstruction® Madison FAQ’s

Q: What is Canstruction®? Who does Canstruction® benefit?
A: Canstruction® is a community competition to end hunger. Teams build incredible, highly imaginative structures out of canned goods and packaged food they have either purchased or collected. Upon completion of the event, the food is donated to MOM’s Food Pantry.Q: What is the history behind Canstruction®?
A: Canstruction® events were first held in 1992. In 2013, Canstruction® events across the world donated over 4.7 million pounds of food. MOM held Canstruction® events in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 collecting over 200 tons of food for our neighbors in need.

Q: Where and when will Canstruction® 2017 be held?
A: Canstruction® 2017 will be held on April 24 to April 30 at West Towne Mall, 66 West Towne Mall, Madison, WI.

Q: What will happen at Canstruction® 2017?
A: Throughout the day, competing Canstruction® teams will assemble their structures. The structures will stay on display in the main midway of West Towne Mall for a week during which time they will be judged. The event will close with an awards ceremony.

Q: How can a business or organization support Canstruction® Madison?
A: A business or organization can support Canstruction® Madison as…
1. A Financial Sponsor
2. A Team Sponsor
3. An Event Sponsor
4. A community wide food drive location

Q: What is the role of a Financial Sponsor?
A: Financial sponsors donate funds which are used to help end hunger in our community and to help offset Canstruction® event expenses.

Q: What is the role of a Team Sponsor?
A: A Team Sponsor will…
1. Assemble a team from its employees, local high school, local service organization, etc.
2. Either purchase or collect canned goods and packaged food for its team’s structure.
3. Assign two team captains responsible for monitoring the team’s progress with respect to acquiring food and, subsequently, designing and building the Team’s at the competition.

Q: What is the role of the Event Sponsor?
A: Event Sponsors donate goods and/or services that are used to conduct the Canstruction® event.

Q: How can a business in the design/engineering/construction field support Canstruction® Madison?
A: Businesses in these fields can support the event in several ways:
1. As a Financial Sponsor
2. As a Team Sponsor
3. As an Event Sponsor
4. By providing design experts for other teams. –  Each team needs at least one person with design experience. Businesses in the design/engineering/construction field can volunteer one or more design experts to assist teams with designing their structures.
5. By providing judges. –  Judges should have a design background. Businesses in the design/engineering/construction field can volunteer one of their design experts to judge the structures.

Q: How can an individual support Canstruction® Madison?
A: Individuals with design experience may support the event as described in the preceding answer. Further, individuals may support the Canstruction® cause by attending the public viewing of structures and donating canned goods at the door.

Q: What sort of structures can I expect to see at Canstruction® Madison?
A:  Check out Prior Events to see structures from prior Canstruction® events.

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