Design Expert Spotlight: Devin Little

Tell me about your day job! How would you describe what you do?

Devin Little:  I am an Architectural Designer for BWBR Architects In Madison.  I specialize in designing hospitals.  On a day to day basis, I work work with our project team to build a 3D model that captures the client’s vision while creating documents for the general contractor to use to build while in the field.

How many years have you been a Design Expert for Canstruction® Madison?

DL:  This will be my 4th year helping out as a Design Expert.  I even created a Canstruction® structure one year at our AIA (American Institute of Architects) Expo to promote the event.


Why did you decide to participate the first year, and what keeps you going?

DL:  It seemed like a really great way to get involved in something that showcases design (architecture/engineering) and also share with the community.  Food is one of the essential items we all need.  So if you are donating food to a good cause, why not have fun with it and design a structure!

Since then, I’ve found it to be a fun way to challenge myself  – I try and out-do myself from the previous year!

With all of the places you are involved, why Canstruction®?

DL:  Seeing all the different ways you can engineer a structure is really fun. I also love meeting the teams that a have a passion to help out their community.

Does it take a lot of time? 

Design Expert, Devin Little, helps team Kosnick Financial with their structure.

Design Expert, Devin Little, helps team Kosnick Financial with their structure.

DL:  The initial design takes time but figuring out the types of cans & food items you are going to use and research colors is probably the most time consuming.  It’s fun working with the teams to make their dream come true. Using 3D modeling software to design the structure is a great benefit because it makes the structure so easy to visualize.

Why should someone else get involved?

DL:  It’s a way for designers to express themselves while helping out their community at the same time.  But most importantly, it’s FUN to build!!  If I could design a structure for all of the teams, I would – but since I can’t, I hope others will get involved.

Thanks, Devin!

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