Doing All She Can

The drive and heart behind Cynthia Marty’s involvement with MOM has a closer tie than just wanting to do good in her community. She believes that helping an organization that does so much good in the community keeps her grounded and reminds her of where she came from.

“Growing up in a single parent household, my mother often needed to use a food pantry for us to eat,” she recalls. A lack of education and having two children to feed on a minimum wage income led Cynthia’s mom and her family to rely on others to help them get by.

“When guests come in to MOM, I completely relate because I’ve been there. Without organizations like MOM I would have gone hungry as a child.”

It is with this selfless, pay-it-forward motivation that moves Cynthia to do all she can to help those around her in need. The highly motivated and organized Senior Marketing Coordinator for CPM in Madison is the manager behind their award-winning Canstructionâ team. In fact, she helped lead her team to a sweeping victory, capturing the trophy for “Most Cans Used” at MOM’s inaugural Canstructionâ event at KEVA Sports Center last year. Though, the whole experience unfolded from scratch, with no details and no plans.

 “The whole process was really play-by-ear because it was MOM’s and our first year of doing Canstructionâ, so we didn’t have too much detail about what we needed to do. We just knew we wanted to build the biggest structure,” she smiles.

In early 2011, Cynthia, head of CPM’s Goodwill Committee, and CPM’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Erick Hallick, met  with Jackson Fonder, then Executive Director of MOM, to discuss a new charitable opportunity that MOM was considering.

“I like to be involved with different activities at work, and fortunately I work for a great company that also sees the needs to help the community.”

CPM supports MOM on an annual basis, raising more than 8,000 pounds of food over the past five years. The company excitedly agreed to participate, wanting to support MOM in a new way.

“Being part of the Canstructionâ was a natural fit for the company,” Cynthia explains. “Everyone at CPM loves Canstructionâ, and the company as a whole is very centered on the community and how they can help others.”

Getting the initial planning process started was an easy fit to Cynthia’s repertoire of responsibilities. Being involved with direct-mail campaigns for CPM, Cynthia is used to high-paced organizing and planning.

2011 "In the Lab": Bunsen and Beaker, the Muppets, are in the lab to find a cure for hunger.

“I did hours of research, making notes, printing off pictures and zooming in from all angles to see what was in between the cardboard here, and how they stacked the cans there,” Cynthia laughs. “But I couldn’t have done it without my team.”

And with drive and determination like Cynthia’s, 2011’s Canstructionâ found 19 teams building extraordinary structures with nearly 20 tons of food, or nearly 4,255 bags of groceries that were handed out during the busy summer months. For Cynthia, every hour of research and every minute or stacking cans was worth it.

“After 16 hours, building a complete structure out of 4,363 cans, our team was able to stand back and say, ‘we did that.’ All that hard work paid off and we finished,” she reflects. “It was such a cool feeling. And we were extremely proud to be part of this amazing process that helps people in our community.”

As for plans for 2012? “We still want to be the biggest,” Cynthia smiles confidently. “But even if we don’t win an award, we’re still doing what we aim to do and are raising awareness and food for MOM. So in the end, we’re winning no matter what, and that feels really good.”

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