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#1 – Kromrey Builders Club, Middleton Youth Center, & Middleton High School Key Club:  MOM- Hunger Hero

Presenting our hero to the rescue to fight hunger – Middleton Outreach Ministry – in the form of a comic book entitled, MOM – Hunger Hero!   Special thanks to Kromrey Middle School Student Council, Middleton Kiwanis Club, our design expert, Phil Fish, and Fish & Associates Inc.

#2 – Middleton Fire Company #1:  Battling the Flames of Hunger

Middleton Fire Company #1 protects lives and property. MOM provides food and services to people in need. Together we can battle the flames of hunger.

#3 – St. Andrew High School Growth Group:  Pac Man CAN Beat Hunger

Pac Man may be too small to be a super hero, but beating hunger is done one can at a time.  Thanks to members of St. Andrew for the food donation, to our Growth Group leaders Jon Fricke and Jared Dammann, to our “Canstruction” leaders Dave Hochmuth & Kate Dvorak, and to design expert Steve Beglinger.

#4 – Wingra School Extended Day Program:  Super Badger

Calling all Super Badgers of Wisconsin to move Forward in zapping out hunger!  Our thanks to design mentors, Chris Eby and Nick Corolla.

#5 – JMM SparCANs

The Madison Memorial SparCANs would like to help MOM checkmate hunger!  Special thanks to the students of JMM for supporting our fundraisers.

#6 – Everyday Heroes:  Anyone CAN be Incredible!

We are a life group from Blackhawk Church who wants to be God’s hands and feet in service to our community.

#7 – Walgreens:  Skyscrapers and Superheroes!

Helping to fight hunger in cities everywhere- makes us all superheroes!

#8 – CUNA Mutual Group:   Spidey Spins his Web to End Hunger

With great power, there must also come great responsibility.  Let’s end hunger together!  Thanks to Moreton & Co. for construction help, and our design team from Strang.

#9 – Exact Sciences:  Calling All Real Heroes!

Special acknowledgements to Kyle Bindrim and Keith Bindrim.

#10 – Asbury United Methodist Church,  Madison:   COWstruction: Tipping the Balance on Hunger

Unlike cowtipping, hunger isn’t an urban legend!  If we all work together, we can tip the balance and win the fight against hunger.  Thanks to design expert John Gaska, Agricultural Engineer.

#11 – Strand Associates, Inc.:  Help bridge the Hunger Gap

Building a CAN structure in an effort to show that you don’t need be a super hero to bridge the hunger gap.  Thank you to Ansay & Associates, LLC; Automation Components, Inc.; BMO Harris; Boardman and Clark, LLP; Capitol Bank; Gordon Flesch Company; MasterGraphics; and Strand Associates, Inc for their generous donations toward food costs.

#12 – Middleton High School:  E.L.I.T.E.:   Don’t Leave Hunger to Chance

This 6 foot interactive model is a childhood classic.  The Magic 8 Ball not only provides entertainment, but bestows an answer to local hunger.   A special thanks to: Bauer LLC, Strand Engineering, Hubbard Avenue Diner, Pacific Cycle, and all of the anonymous donors.

#13 – Flad Architects:  The Amazing SpiderCAN takeover

With his Spidey Senses activated, ending hunger in our city CAN be done! Special thanks to the entire Flad Canstruction team, sponsors, and individual contributions to help us end hunger in our community.

#14 – Willy Street Co-op:  All Local Cheeseburger

We’re all about local, whether it’s making a cheeseburger with all local ingredients, or helping our community.  Thanks to Amber and Bill!

#15 – Team Findorff:  Celebrating 125 Years in our CANmunity

Helping Build and End Hunger in Our CANmunity for the Past 125 Years and Counting














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